Circus Wagon Restoration

Familiar with truck trailer restoration? Check out this reader's letter about an early truck trailer from the Troy Trailer Company.

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Troy (Ohio) Historical Society

The Troy (Ohio) Historical Society has an early truck trailer manufactured by the Troy Trailer Company, sometime before WWI.

This trailer frame is 18 feet long and 44 inches wide and is rated at 10,000 pounds.  We believe it was a flatbed trailer with a bed width of perhaps 7 feet. Currently painted yellow, it was designed to steer from both ends – possibly a circus wagon – which could easily be loaded on a flatbed rail care.

A pair of wheels with yellow rims

The wheels have a steel hub with wooden spokes and felloes. Steel rim with solid rubber tires with Goodyear marked on them. We are looking for someone to restore all four wheels, also, someone to restore the wagon.

Thank you,

Martin Stewart, Trustee

Troy Historical Society


What a fascinating piece of history! Readers, if you are interested in taking on this project, or know someone qualified to do so, please contact Martin with the Troy Historical Society. Martin, thank you for sharing these pictures. Hopefully this letter will connect you with the right person to fix up your circus wagon. We’d love for you to share the restoration story, as well as “after” photos once things are in tip-top shape again! – Editor

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