Craigslist Briggs FH Conversion Air Compressor

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By Terry Weidner

Check out the Briggs air compressor that is now plumbed to an aluminum fork lift propane tank and mounted to a work bench.

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by Terry Weidner

Briggs air compressor

I read the article on engines adapted to other uses and thought I would send a couple of pictures of my air compressor. Looking at Craigslist postings about a year ago I saw an ad for an old air compressor and immediately knew it was a slant-fin Briggs FH conversion. I bought it for $40 and brought it home.

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I removed it from its rusted-out air tank, changed the oil and mounted it to the end of my work bench. It is now plumbed to an aluminum fork lift propane tank (with a pressure switch and relief) which sits under the bench. The cylinder head is machine made and I am not sure if it was a company-made item or was just made by a machinist. It works well and looks right at home with a number of vintage engines sitting around the shop. Thanks for the great magazine, I have been a subscriber since the 1980s.

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Terry Weidner
Graytown, Ohio

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Published on Mar 9, 2020
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