| November/December 1992

25 N. Front Street Mountaintop, Pennsylvania 18707

Saturday morning found me standing at a farm sale, with a damp, chilly wind at my back. In spite of the threatening clouds, a fair crowd was gathering, probably happy to be outdoors after a long winter.

All the usual stuff was there: antique furniture, barn goodies, farm implements, a tractor or two, even hot coffee and bean soup offered up by a local church group.

After checking out the barn and sheds, I was feeling somewhat disappointed, because I didn't see what I was really looking for. Maybe, just maybe, I might finally find an open crankshaft motor 'all by myself!' Since my first show several years ago, I'd been wanting one, but I had to be the one to find it. Oh well, maybe next time.

I went through all the 'auction motions,' bought several tractor advertising collectibles, and then followed the auctioneer and the crowd around the back of a shed to sell a pile of scrap iron.

WELL, I'LL BE...!! There, alongside the pile, was a pair of fly wheels-no,-a whole motor! The flywheels told me it was a Leader (Field Force Pump Co., see GEM May 90). I guessed about 5 HP. It looked to be in sad shape, badly rusted, but I had to have it. I tried to be casual, but my determination must have shown, because the other two bidders dropped out shortly after we hit triple digits. 'You paid too much,' commented one of my opponents, 'for a motor in such poor condition.' Oddly enough, his idea of too much was $5.00 more than he bid.