1918 Blaisdell Air-Compressing Engine

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Manufacturer: Blaisdell Mfg. Co., Bradford, Pa.
Year: 1918
Serial Number: 4886
HP: 65
Bore: 16-inch
Stroke: 20-inch
RPM: 180
Governing: Hit-and-miss

This 1918 65 HP Blaisdell air-compressing engine was originally in service on an oil and gas lease in Windy City, Pa. The plant was engineered, the machinery constructed and the building erected by the Blaisdell Mfg. Co. of Bradford, Pa. Blaisdell made an extensive line of gas engines and compressing and pumping equipment.

The engine is a 65 HP combination gas engine and air compressor. It only has a single cylinder; the engine functions at one end of the cylinder and the air compression takes place at the back end of the cylinder next to the crankcase. Two pushrods come out of a cambox by the crankshaft to operate the intake and exhaust valves and a smaller fuel valve. It has a hit-and-miss pendulum governor in addition to a device that regulates how much fuel the engine gets based on the air discharge pressure.

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Published on Feb 20, 2013

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