Harvesting and Vintage Farming Tractors

By Staff
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This picture was taken while we were clearing the streets in March, 1965. Photo of tractor courtesy of James C. Grummett.
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This picture was taken several years ago. I am sitting on the Wagner. Photo of tractor courtesy of James C. Grummett.

A farmer and thresherman writes inquiring from other farmers about harvesting and vintage farming tractors.

After having been a farmer and thresherman for over 50 years, I
had to give up at last owing to illness and I surely missed being
able to help with this last harvest which was very good over most
of our grain growing provinces. Until 1965 I never missed a harvest
and being unable to take part in this season’s work was a great

As a hobby, I am now trying to gather a collection of leaflets
or catalogs of some of the old steam engines and tractors that are
not seen very often now. I am particularly anxious to get some
pictures of the old Huber return flue steamer with double
cylinders. One cylinder placed horizontally above the left rear
wheel and the other cylinder placed vertically in front of the rear
wheel with both pistons connected to the same crank-pin. This was a
smooth running engine and was a very rare type. It was owned by a
farmer in Manitoba many years ago. I would sure like to hear from
anyone who used one of these grand old engines. Also, any farmer
who has used the Buffalo Pitts outfits. My uncle had this outfit
and the engine was about the sweetest running steamer I ever saw
but I was too young to know much about them at that time.

I would also like to hear from any farmer who had experience
with the Allis-Chamers WC and WF, gas tractors, 1935-1945 models.
Any booklets on these or other early models would be very
interesting to me. Also, early crawled type A.C.

The newer methods of harvesting with tractors and other ways of modern farming
are much easier and require less time in most cases, but I still
get a big thrill out of seeing some of the old vintage farming tractors and
machinery in operation. I hope a few old timers will drop me a line
and I will try to answer.

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