The Ford Tractor Company Minneapolis, Minnesota

| September/October 1978

  • Ford tractor

  • Ford tractor

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This article has been developed from research material used in Mr. Wendel's  forthcoming 'Encyclopedia of American Farm Tractors' to be published in mid 1979 by Crestline Publishing Company.

The early Ford tractor used a two-cylinder 5 x 6? engine, but the later model used a Gile-built 5? x 6?' two-cylinder motor.

Some manufacturing was done in the shops of Flour City Ornamental Iron Works, as well as by the Veerac Motor Company. Some sheet metal work and painting was done in the Ford shop. Production was very limited. Perhaps Ford Tractor Company's greatest impact was that the furor created by its organizers brought about renewed honesty and integrity in the industry.

The Ford Tractor Company of Minneapolis, Minnesota was incorporated under South Dakota law on March 15, 1915. W. Baer Ewing was the moving force behind this company. Ewing located one Paul W. Ford of Minneapolis and induced him to join the organization. Ford agreed to allow his name to be used in connection with the company, and was to receive definite compensation therefore.

Prior to the Ford Tractor Company, Ewing had been involved in the insurance business in Texas and Arizona. After that came the Federal Securities Company in Minneapolis, with Ewing as its manager. This company made the papers with various stock deals. One involved the Power Distribution Company, and its subsidiary, the Union Power Company. This organization owned several municipal lighting plants, and Federal Securities Company undertook to sell first mortgage bonds on the power companies. All went well until the bonds became due. Three suits were filed in one day against Ewing and Union Power. Finally, the affairs were straightened out through the sale of the power plants to another company so that the bond holders could gain some return on their investment. Federal Securities Company then tried selling stock in a Nicaraguan banana plantation.