Help Heartland Acres Celebrate the 100th Birthday of the 1912 Ford Brass C Model T

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Immediate News Release:
Heartland Acres Agribition Center
2600 Swan Lake Blvd.
Independence, Iowa 50644
319 332-0123
Attn: Craig Johnson

Heartland Acres Exhibits Turn 100 Years Old   

One of two 1912 Ford Brass C Model T’s which can be found at Heartland Acres Museum in Independence, Iowa. 

Were you born in October? Heartland Acres will help you celebrate your birthday by giving you half price museum admission for visiting us in October. You will also help us celebrate the 100th birthday of the two 1912 Ford Brass C Model T automobiles in our car museum.  

As an added bonus, Event Manager, Brian Bell stated “If you were born in 1912 and are also celebrating your 100th birthday you’ll receive free admission for yourself and 4 guests, treats, and we’ll take a picture of you with our Two T’s and have them framed for you.”   

Henry Ford and eleven business associates invested $28,000 to launch Ford Motor Company in 1903. In 1906 Henry Ford purchased the controlling interest in the company and launched his vision for Ford Motor Company.

The Model T or “Tin Lizzy” was produced from 1908 to 1927. More than 15 million Tin Lizzy’s were sold during the production run. The Model T was the longest run of any single model other than the VW Beatle.

“As we wrap up another season for the museum, we are excited to bring our guests an opportunity to come see us and preview a few of the new displays launching in 2013,” commented Craig Johnson, Executive Director.

Heartland Acres is a non-profit 501(c ) (3) organization. For more information about Heartland Acres please visit us at, call (319) 332.0123 or find us on Facebook.  

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