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Gauer Service & Supply Co., 676 E. Waterloo Road, Akron, OH

Here are some pictures of a Ford 8N tractor s/n 8N273758,
1950-51 model that was recently restored at our facility. This
tractor has been in my family since approximately 1952. It was
purchased by my grandfather to operate his farm. The tractor was
run constantly since purchased by my grandfather and my father,
Paul Gauer. Since the mid sixties, the farm tractor has been used
by my father’s company to move equipment around the

Doug Hankins, our lead repair technician made most of the
repairs to the unit and put the machine in almost new condition. He
totally rebuilt the engine, brakes, clutch, hydraulic system and
front end.

The unit is now operating an average of 2 hours per day, 6 days
per week and I have made an estimate of 10,000 total hours over the
35 years our family has owned the machine.

Quite a machine considering the technology that the machine was
built with in 1951. In fact, we have been shopping to replace the
machine and at present time have not found one that we feel will be
as durable and versatile as this one.

Are we making progress!

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