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Fine Line Between Fun and Danger

While looking through the Iron-Men Album/Steam Traction archives today, I came across an interesting photo. Rod Hauenstein, at the mercy of Troy Pawson and Bernie Woodmansee, going for a ride in the wheel.The text of the article refers to what is happening in the photo: "Rod Hauenstein ...

Songs of the Iron Men

As for the music on the album, here's a taste of what you'll hear. This song is called "Smoke on the Prairie," and was written by Chas. L. Genter:I'm sure that many of you don't know that I'm a folk musician in my spare time. Over the last three years, I've recorded and released five albums of ...

Steam engines in Europe

Page through the 2009 Farm Collector Show Directory and you'll find plenty of shows featuring a great variety of steam engines. But among all of the Case, Minneapolis and Russell engines you're likely to find at these shows, it's highly unlikely you'll see the likes of an Allchin, Ottomeyer ...

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