Fine Line Between Fun and Danger

Reader Contribution by Staff
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While looking through the Iron-Men Album/Steam Traction archives today, I came across an interesting photo. 

Rod Hauenstein, at the mercy of Troy Pawson and Bernie Woodmansee, going for a ride in the wheel.

The text of the article refers to what is happening in the photo: “Rod Hauenstein provided some comic relief when he jumped into the rear wheel for a ride and they stopped the engine with Rod upside down.

I was surprised to see this photo, especially in a fairly recent magazine, from the year 2000. (Read the article: “Steam People Ring in the New Millennium“)

Our readers are always very concerned with safety, and we’ve received letters and e-mails in the past when we’ve run photos of kids husking corn without protective glasses or photos of children riding on tractors. Looking through issues of Iron-Men Album that followed this one, there is no mention of the photo in the letters to the editor section.

I’m curious about how our readers feel about this photo. Is it just a photo of some steam buddies having a good time, or is it a dangerous situation waiting to happen?

Let me know what you think in the comments section below.

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