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Half-Scale Gardner Model 0 Build – Part 2 of 2

  Manufacturer : Alyn Foundry, North Wales, U.K. Year : N/A Serial No. : 2292 Horsepower : 3/4hp @ 450rpm (full-size engine) Bore & stroke : 1-3/8in x 2in Flywheel : 9-1/2in Ignition : Hot tube Governing : Volume Cooling : Tank-cooled Weight : 39lb The kit of ...

Reverse Electrolysis Primer

Peter Rooke isn't new to restoring antique engines, but he's usually cleaning up parts, not making them look older.For his restoration of 1917 Fuller & Johnson 1-1/2 HP engine, though, Peter had to make some new pieces look older to match the rest of the engine. Below he gives a brief ...

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Preserving the History of Internal Combustion Engines