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Regarding Paint on Old Machinery

 Photo courtesy of John BurgoyneLike most engine or tractor rebuilders, there comes that inevitable time when that freshly rebuilt piece of old machinery has to be painted, a task few of us are qualified for and even fewer enjoy doing! Having rebuilt engines and machine tools for over 40 ...

Westman Engine Piston Ring Holes

 These piston rings are out of an early Westman manufactured by Enterprise Machine Co., Minneapolis, Minnesota. They are 4-1/4 inches in diameter and 7/16-inch wide. The subject of interest are the tiny holes through the ring steps; nobody can figure out the reason for their being there. They ...

Thread Standards Concerns

Restorers of old engines and machinery inevitably run into problems involving thread or fastener standards, the most common being the 1/2-12 UNC standard that appears to have been used before World War I. I have not seen this standard on anything built after about 1918, when it changed to ...

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