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Horsepower Correction

That’s a 6hp M in the photo, not a 1-1/2hp. The give- away is the “ring” on the skid, only the 6hp and 10hp skidded M had this ring. Craig Conner via email Thank you, Craig, for your correction. This photo was previously discussed on the Hit-and-Miss page of the April/May 2021 issue ...


Show Stopper: 25hp Associated Engine

When David Raines purchased his Associated engine in Northwest Iowa from machinist Kip Maggert, one cylinder was stuck and the other was badly pitted. He took it to machinist Arnold Saathoff who bored and sleeved both cylinders. David faced some other challenges while restoring the ...


The Amazing Abenaque

Most collectors know Abenaque engines for their unique water-cooling setup. Designed by John Ostenberg (who went on to found the Ostenberg Manufacturing Co. in San Jose, California) for Abenaque Machine Works, Westminster Station, Vermont, Abenaques featured a pair of thin cooling tanks ...


Steinhoff’s Seven Engine Trailer

What better way to haul a collection of engines from show to show than having them mounted on a trailer? “It’s all pretty much self-storing, I just hook on the trailer, everything is on there, all the belts line up, all I have to do is pull them out and remember which belt goes where and ...

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Franklin Engine Modification

I bought an engine at the end of April 2019. Cast on the base is “Franklin Gas Engine Patd.” Everyone knows these engines as Parsell & Weed engines. I have the vintage book Gas Engine Construction by Henry V. A. Parsell, Jr. and Arthur J. Weed, dated 1900. It gives detailed instructions ...


Young Iron: A Decade Down the Road

Age: 28 Location: Cheney, Wash E-mail:cjerue@hotmail.com What’s your favorite engine in your collection? My favorite engine in my collection is my 4-stroke hit-and-miss Vaughan drag saw. This is an odd and rare item that I had been interested in for a very, very long time. It ...


Jacobsen Engine ‘The Twin’ Found at Last

This story actually starts 56 years ago, when I was 8 years old. My parents took us kids to many antique shops all over the East Coast. At a shop in Lafayette, New Jersey, I happened across a 1952 Jacobsen Lawn Queen reel-type mower half-buried in weeds behind the shop. It seemed to be all ...


Old World Charm: 1918 3-4hp Lorenz Engine

  Manufacturer: Ignac-Lorenz Co., Kromeriz, Moravia, Czechoslovakia Year: 1918 Serial No.: 7130 Horsepower: 3-4hp (rpm not listed) Bore & stroke: 4in x 6in Flywheel: 23in x 3in Ignition: Spark plug w/magneto Governing: Hit-and-miss, sideshaft governor Cooling: ...


California Rarity: 3hp Frisco Standard Stationary Engine

  Manufacturer: Standard Gas Engine Co., San Francisco, CA Year: Circa 1901-1905 Serial No.: 452 Horsepower: 3hp @ 400rpm Bore & stroke: 4-3/4in x 5-1/2in Flywheel: 26in x 4-1/4in Ignition: Igniter w/battery and buzz coil Governing: Throttle via belt-driven horizontal ...


A Horse Tale or How I Acquired a Dan Patch Engine

  Manufacturer: M.W. Savage Factories Co., Minneapolis, MN Year: Circa 1913-1917 Serial No.: 3237 Horsepower: 5hp (rpm not listed) Bore & stroke: 5-1/2in x 7in Flywheel: 28in x 2-3/4in Ignition: Spark plug w/battery and buzz coil Governing: Hit-and-miss, flywheel ...

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