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1910 4HP Fairbanks, Morse and Co. Type T

Company: Fairbanks, Morse & Co., Beloit, WI Year: Circa 1910 Serial Number: 152,147 Horsepower: 4 Owner: Paul Harvey The history of this great company dates to 1823, when Thaddeus and Erastus Fairbanks set up a small foundry in St. Johnsbury, Vermont. The business soon ...

Fairbanks-Morse and McVicker Buzz Saw Rig

  Regular contributor David Babcock writes in again, sending vintage photos showing a large Fairbanks-Morse installed in a workshop and a screen-cooled McVicker engine powering a buzz saw on a cold winter day. David writes: “The large engine is probably a 32hp Fairbanks N, belted to a ...

The 42-Year Itch: Fairbanks-Morse Model NB

Bob Gill’s and Gene George’s 12hp 1913 Fairbanks-Morse Model NB, back together and ready to run 42 years after they acquired it. The year was 1976. The United States was celebrating its 200th birthday, Gerald Ford would lose the presidential election in November to Jimmy Carter, Sylvester ...

1927 17 hp Fairbanks-Morse Z

Cristy Miller's 17 hp Fairbanks-Morse Z doesn't appear in any literature and was never cataloged. The previous owner says that the engine is one of six made in Fairbanks-Morse's Canadian plant.

1915 Fairbanks-Morse

1915 Fairbanks-Morse 15 hp Type NB throttling governor engine. Filmed at the Coolspring Power Museum Summer Expo, Coolspring, Pennsylvania, June 18, 2015.

Fairbanks-Morse Diesel Engine

Here’s a terrific photograph from the collection of the Miracle of America Museum in Polson, Montana. The photo shows what looks to be a 50 HP Fairbanks-Morse Type YV 2-stroke diesel of the type made in the mid-1920s. The truck carrying it is a GMC from that period. The truck looks awfully ...

Fairbanks-Morse Engine Resource Needed

I have asked the usual suspects and still have not found details that would seemingly be easy to find. I have a 1919 Fairbanks-Morse engine, 1-1/2 HP throttler, and need technical details regarding the governor gear-train assembly, plus magneto info. Everyone I’ve written or talked to only ...

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