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Fairbanks-Morse and McVicker Buzz Saw Rig

  Regular contributor David Babcock writes in again, sending vintage photos showing a large Fairbanks-Morse installed in a workshop and a screen-cooled McVicker engine powering a buzz saw on a cold winter day. David writes: “The large engine is probably a 32hp Fairbanks N, belted to a ...

Fairbanks-Morse Engine on the Job

Regular contributor David Babcock sends in two period photos from his collection, each showing a Fairbanks-Morse engine on the job. David says the horizontal engine is a Type N, and likely a 15 hp, judging by its size. The date and location are unknown. Type N engines were phased out beginning ...

Wisconsin Engines at Work

 Regular contributor David Babcock sends more photos of engines at work in Wisconsin. The photo above shows a 5 HP Galloway, “Doing her stuff as neighbors help,” David writes.  The second image, shows a log saw belted to a stationary engine that David identifies as a Gilson. “You ...

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