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Regular contributor David Babcock sends in two period photos from his collection, each showing a Fairbanks-Morse engine on the job. David says the horizontal engine is a Type N, and likely a 15 hp, judging by its size. The date and location are unknown. Type N engines were phased out beginning about 1914. The second image shows what looks to be a 6 hp Z. David thinks the photo was taken circa 1915, which would make this a very early 6 hp Z. The following was written with the photo: “I suppose you have your wood all cut. I have a six horse Fairbanks and Morse engine and a 30-inch saw with 126-pound flywheel which cuts wood very nicely. Have had some winter here the last month, 25 below. Next week will be time to get out the sap buckets.”

David Babcock
3491 E. Deckerville Road
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