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Replacement Springs for Sattley Engine

Reader Bill Gingerich is hoping someone can help him with a 7hp Sattley he has. Specifically, Bill is looking for replacement springs for the governor and valves, and for full specifications on the engine, which Bill says is missing its tag. If you can help Bill, write or call him at the ...

United Type A Engine Igniter and Fuel Tank

 Reader Bill Gingerich writes in looking for information on a United Type A engine he has. Bill writes: “I need information on a United Type A 1-3/4 hp, serial number 104065. It originally had an igniter, now changed to spark plug. The original mixer is gone and it now appears to have a ...

Getting a Bessemer Gas Engine to Original Specs

Reader Bill Gingerich writes in about a Bessemer he recently bought. He didn’t send a photo, but did supply the following information from the engine’s tag, which reads: The Bessemer Gas Engine Co., Grove City, PA, Gaso Kero Type, No. A626 R.P.M.650 H.P.2. “I bought this engine in ...

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