Getting a Bessemer Gas Engine to Original Specs

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Reader Bill Gingerich writes in about a Bessemer he recently bought. He didn’t send a photo, but did supply the following information from the engine’s tag, which reads: The Bessemer Gas Engine Co., Grove City, PA, Gaso Kero Type, No. A626 R.P.M.650 H.P.2. “I bought this engine in pails,” Bill writes, noting the fuel and cooling tank were missing. Specifically, Bill says he’s looking for information to help him get the engine back to original specs; whether that means making parts or buying them. He notes that he has a reprint book, but that it’s not clear. “I don’t have a computer or Internet, but you may leave a message; I will call.”

Bill Gingerich
24491 Cemetery Rd.
Spartansburg, PA 16434
(814) 654-7254

Bill’s Bessemer is a Gaso-Kero, a water-cooled, throttle-governed 2-stroke vertical of the type made by Bessemer Gas Engine Co. between 1913-1925. The image at right is from a Bessemer catalog. Gaso-Kero engines were available in 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10 hp sizes, and were known for being significantly lighter than their 4-stroke counterparts, making them, ostensibly, easier to move and set up for various farm chores. Although they appear to have had a fairly long production life, survivors are rare. If any readers have a Gaso-Kero Bessemer, we encourage you to send photos of your engine so we can share them.

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