Witte Gas Engine in the U.K.

By Staff

My father is a keen engine enthusiast and wonders if anyone can help him find some details about a Witte engine that he has acquired.

The engine is Model B-12RC, serial number 43454, with a 5-inch by 6-inch bore and stroke. He was told that the engine was built in 1919 with a HP of 12 to 15.

We know that it came into the United Kingdom in 1960 as part of a batch bought by an oil company. Apparently, this one was never used from the time of its arrival in the U.K. until my father started it 2007. 

Although the engine has been restored, one thing that doesn’t work is the temperature gauge, which is a Murphy Safety Switch.  He would like to know if these are still available, and if so, where he can acquire one. He’s also in desperate need of an operator’s manual. He requires information on how to adjust the drive pulley twin disc clutch. 

Finally, the engine is fitted with a gas regulator; does this mean that it was run on gas when pumping oil?

The engine, and his restoration of it, has attracted much interest among his fellow enthusiasts, and they are as eager as he is for any information that he receives.

Contact Ian Holmes at haich539@btinternet.com.

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