Venn-Severin Machine Co., Chicago, Illinois

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Venn-Severin Type E engine by Venn-Severin Machine Co.
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Venn-Severin Type E engine identification plate.

Manufacturer: Venn-Severin Machine Co., Chicago, Illinois
Circa 1920
Serial number:
9 HP @ 400 RPM
Bore and stroke:
6in x 9in
Hot bulb
Throttle governed, “bat wing” flywheel governor
Additional info:
It’s a 2-stroke oil engine. It has a 14-inch diameter, 6-inch wide pulley. The pulley flywheel is 3-3/8 inches wide, the governor flywheel is 4 inches wide. Both are 36 inches in diameter. John Wanat made the cooling tank, which is 14 inches in diameter and 64 inches tall. This is the same type of engine featured in the Still Kicking article by Bob Whitney in the February/March issue of GEM. Bob and I exchange emails often about our sister engines and help each other out with questions we have.

Owner: Frank Chellino,

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