4-1/2 HP United engine info request

By Staff
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Photo by Charles Hargreaves
Charles Hargreaves' 4-1/2 HP United gas engine.

This 4-1/2 HP United is the first engine I bought to start my collection.

I would like to know the year (the serial number is 401344) and information about the gas tank size and push rod for the exhaust valve. I don’t remember if it was there when I got it but as I remember, something was missing besides the magneto. I have since picked up three magnetos as I have two other United engines – a  2 HP and a 2-1/2 HP.

Regarding the pipe on the 4-1/2 HP mixer, I’m not sure what direction it should be. I’ve only seen one other 4-1/2 HP United and that was 35 years ago at an auction.

I’d also like to know the year of the 2 HP United (serial number 18382) and the 2-1/2 HP (152569). Thanks for any help. I always like to talk engines so if anyone wants to chat, please call me in the evening, Central Time.

Contact Charles Hargreaves at 2131 N. Victory Corner Rd., Ludington, MI 49431-8657; (231) 843-9374.

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