The Pink Engine

By Staff
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P.O. Box 333, Clarissa, Minnesota 56440

I purchased a rusty piece of junk full of corn that mice were
using for a storage shed. The engine was in bad shape, the head was
cracked, and the magneto was shot. After numerous attempts to
locate anyone that knew something about the magneto, I tackled the
project myself. The cylinder was honed and new rings were ordered
and installed. A 2?’ well casing was used for exhaust. A total
of two months was the time spent for restoration. What a

The time had finally arrived to try to start this engine. The
compression was perfect, the mixer was set and the engine was

I’m tired of red or green colored engines at all the
threshing shows, so the color pink was chosen, the color all ladies
adore. The rose on the front is in honor of Blanche, who would have
to start this engine because all the men were working in the

By the way, my assistant (the dog) is named Fritz.

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