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Marion 25 HP engine owned by Tom Ewald.
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Alan Craig with his 20 HP Oil City Boiler Works engine.
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Ronald Trigg and friend with Bessemer.
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Dave Pyle with his ARACOan OAF in his natural habitat.

1231 Banta’s Creek Road, Eaton, Ohio 45320-9701

Well, thanks to the encouragement of several of our Brother and
Sister Oafs, I finally gave in and got a computer to help with some
of the things I am doing and to keep in touch with all our oilfield
engine friends, so now you can e-mail the society at Also, I want to encourage all the oilfield
engine enthusiasts to subscribe to the OEFS e-mail list at a this
net so we can all keep in touch with each other.

This month we have a photo sent to us by Ronald Trigg from
Russellville, Arkansas, of when he brought home his Bessemer
engine. Thanks for the photo, Mr. Trigg.

Next, we have a letter and photo from Mr. Thomas Ewald, 3207 E.
Hillcrest Road, Two Rivers, Wisconsin 54241, who writes:
‘Located in east-central Wisconsin, as we are, we do not have
the opportunity to view as many engines as there are to be found in
your area. However, in my small and humble collection of gas
engines, I do have a 25 HP Marion and a 25 HP Ohio engine.

‘This is a picture of the Marion engine, which was restored
two years ago. Because of the lack of large gas engines in our
area, this engine seems to be a very popular engine at the shows we
take it to. I have done a fair amount of research and have not been
able to find much information on Marion engines. Any info you might
be able to provide would be a great help to us. The nameplate in
the cylinder head indicates the engine was made in Marion, Indiana.
The Ohio engine I have still is in need of restoration and, at this
time, I am not quite sure when we will start on this project. The
good news is that I will be retiring in eleven days, and this just
might help to move the restoration date up a bit.’ Mr. Ewald
can be reached at (920)-755-2438.

Lastly, we have a couple of photos from Alan Craig of
Russiaville, Indiana, one of him and the other of David Pyle’s
American Railroad & Appliance Company oilfield engine known as
an A.R.A.C.O.

Thanks again, and if anyone wants a free membership in the Oil
Field Engine Society please send an SASE or e-mail me.

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