The Hercules Engine News

By Staff

20601 Old State Road Haubstadt, Indiana 47639

In the antique gas engine hobby there are many who collect,
restore, trade and show their engines. To a lesser extent, there
are those who also collect literature and memorabilia. Here are
some examples of what some collectors have found.

The first item is a copy of a blotter used as a giveaway by a
dealer in Waterloo, Iowa. Some of you younger folks may have to ask
what a blotter is.

The second item is a section from a roll of packaging tape. The
Hercules Corporation was the name used from 1922 until 1927.

The third item is from a deck of playing cards showing the
design on the card, the design of the Joker, and Bridge table of
points. The deck of cards was an early advertising item, most
likely from 1914.

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