The Good Old Engine Times

By Staff

621 W. Willow St., Cherokee, IA51012-1708

When I was young and in my prime, I’d go engine hunting most

Now I’m old and have more ‘cents,’ I’ll buy them
even by the fence.

When I get my barn filled up, I’ll go looking for other

When that stuff is all gone, I’ll still hunt for that last

I still pray for one more find, For that keeps me in my

Now I’m old and getting grey, I ride around in my old

I saw an engine in the woods, I just knew it would be good.

When I went to look at it, I knew now where I would go with

I talked to the man to take it home, He said that engine
won’t be alone.

He took me out in his shed to see, Three more engines, just for

I loaded them up and was on my way, I just know there will be
more some day.

You might think this is a yarn, Stop some time and look in my

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