Starting a 7 HP Thermoil Diesel

By Staff
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R.D.#1,Box 224 Drums, PA 18222

The Valley Historical Gas Engine Show in Mountain Top,
Pennsylvania, was held June 17, 1990. People just enjoy seeing
their engines run.

I have had my engine for 14 years and it is one of my favorite
engines. It always starts with help of the 4 HP header belted up to
the diesel. It sure makes starting a lot less trouble and it works
fine. As you can see in the picture, the header is on a slide table
and I have my hand on the crank. After one or two explosions I back
the belt off and the diesel will run nicely!

My first experience starting this engine was a lot of fun. I
didn’t know how to turn the throttle wheel to slow speed and it
was cold inside my garage when the thermoil started at full
throttle. It filled the garage with smoke and the whole cart
started to move around on the floor. I was glad to get my hands on
the compressor and slow it down. The next start up went

The next Valley Historical Gas Engine Show will be June 16,

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