Unknown Diesel Engine

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I received the engine in the above photo from a friend. I can find no identification and no markings of any kind. It is a hopper-cooled engine with a detachable radiator and belt-driven fan. It is an enclosed diesel with an uncommon injection system. I am hoping someone can help me identify the engine to help with restoration and finding out more about the engine and perhaps what it may have been used for? It is very compact, extremely heavy and appears to have had a starting motor, the only part that is missing. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Contact Al Matheson, citabriair@yahoo.com

The teeth on the flywheel and the mount at the left rear certainly point to an electric starter having been originally fitted. It looks like it could have been a contractor’s engine, especially with the heavy duty eyebolt for lifting/dropping it into place. We hope someone out there can fill Al and the rest of us in on this interesting engine.

Published on Mar 3, 2015

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