Southeastern Michigan Antique Tractor & Engine Club

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Howard Swan and Marjie Willey at Ag Awareness Day.
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Trever Bogedain and Martin McGuire, members of the Southeastern Michigan Antique Tractor & Engine Association, shelling corn at Monroe County Ag Awareness Day.

11550 Trost Road Ida, Michigan 48140

Many of us know the enjoyment of exhibiting at a show, but how
many have known what a smile from a handicapped child taking his
first wagon ride can mean, or the look on a child’s face when
he can relate a cob of corn in the fields to tacos they can

Members of the Southeastern Michigan Antique Tractor and Engine
Association, Inc. are getting to know such enjoyment. Ag Awareness
Day is an educational day, sponsored by the Mon roe County
Extension Service with the help of many organizations such as the
Antique Tractor and Engine Group. Over 1500 second and third
graders from around the county come to see animals and
demonstrations, to play educational games, and to learn about
agriculture in our daily lives.

Members of SMATEA demonstrate shelling corn, grinding and
cleaning the corn, and grinding and cleaning wheat to make edible
foods. It is truly amazing to learn how many of the adult
chaperones and teachers do not know that corn (field corn-not sweet
corn) is the same thing as corn flakes, taco shells and so forth
are made from. Every class is given a processed box of corn muffin
mix to take back home, prepare and then discuss in the class.

Country Bumpkin Day is a fall fun day designed by the Monroe
County Intermediate School to allow mentally and physically
handicapped children to have some of the simple pleasures nor mal
kids doincluding a hayride. SMATEA members Ray Willey and Art Weir
brought their tractors to the school to help provide the pulling
power for the rides. Giant smiles were had by ALL!

Providing something to educate or something the rest of us take
for granted, makes the SMATEA group SPECIAL. This group of antique
tractor and gas engine buffs will be holding its annual show on
July 14, 15, 16, 1995 at Nike Park in Monroe, Michigan. The
beautiful shaded park will provide an excellent opportunity for
everyone to see firsthand some of these demonstrations and meet a
great group of people. 1994 was a fine year for our club. Our new
home is a beautiful county park with a lot of shade trees and
grass. New activities include a tractor baseball game, tractor pull
demonstrations, kids’ games and other tractor games.

1995 promises to be even better. A tractor baseball tournament
is being planned, pony pulls, and a whole lot more. The shade trees
and green grass will again provide a cool and relaxing place for a
show in the heat of the summer sun.

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