Seeking Manual for 2 Cushman’s and a Dixie Mill

Help fellow collectors locate manuals and parts.

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by Dean Barr

Parts and manuals needed for Bean restoration

I have a 3hp Cushman Bean Special flywheel engine. I need a manual or a copy of a parts manual. I also need a carburetor, a diagram of a carburetor, and an exhaust valve.

I have been a subscriber for many years and enjoy the information and the featured articles. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Dean Barr
P.O. Box 186
Hiddenite, N.C. 28636

Gas Engine Magazine readers make up a beneficial network of mechanics and collectors. When you are having trouble finding parts or information for your engine, publishing a letter with your needs is an excellent idea. Another great resource is the classified section as well as the Experts Page. You can also search our vast database of articles online at

Dean, I hope the right person reads this and can help you in your search. — Editor

Cushman “Special Build”

Can anyone shed some light on what this engine was used for or built for? It is a Cushman Cub 4hp, engine No. 65221, model 3R30. It seems to be a special build. I’m told they are not common, with the carburetor starting on gasoline until hot and switching to oil fuel. Also, there are two V-belt grooves in the flywheel. They are hard to see in the photos, just past the brass carburetor. It also has an extended water hopper.

gray gas engine

Bill Gingerich
24491 Cemetery Road
Spartansburg, PA 16434
(814) 654-7254

If you have any answers regarding this Cushman engine, please share them with Bill. Thanks for writing! – Editor

Seeking manual for mill

I recently bought a “Dixie” shingle mill, manufactured by Curtis and Company of St. Louis, Missouri. I believe the mill was manufactured in 1898. I’m looking for anyone who can help me locate an operating manual for the mill. I’d like to buy either an original manual or copies of a manual. This mill was running at a show just a few years ago, and I’d like to get it running again.
Thank you,

Ted Norman

Readers, please contact Ted if you have the manual he is searching for or have an idea where he can find it. — Editor

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  • Originally Published on Oct 6, 2021
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