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Here is a photograph of my Piersen engine. Just finished
restoring it last summer. It is like the one described in the gas
engine book. Besides what Mr. Wendel has in the book I might add a
couple of things. Looking at the picture you can see a fruit jar.
This is an oil reserve controlled by a float in the crankcase,
keeping the proper oil level. Also both valves are mechanically
operated by one rocker arm. The radiator turns with the flywheel
and water is circulated by a stauvener water pump impeller. I knew
the engine was blue, as that was the color under some dirt under
the main bearing. The nametag reads ‘Piersen Motor, Designed by
E.B. Cush-man, HP 5, RPM 950, N A624, Patented-Manufactured by
Piersen Telegraph-Transmiter C, Topeka, Kansas.’

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