Salesman Sample Olds Engine

By Staff
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I’ve had this engine probably 30 years. My dad bought it at auction; he paid $125. He passed away and then I got it. The kids turned it backwards and then the governor was broken off. Bob Huxtable had some parts. Dad left it with him to get some parts made for his, but I can’t get a hold of him. The governor arm has a leaf spring, and when the kids turned it backwards it broke that spring off and bent the governor shaft. That’s okay now, but I still need that spring. It’s a cast iron governor housing and it looks like the spring has been silver soldered on there. The spark plug that was in it was an AC K12 with 1/4-inch pipe thread, so he made an adapter to use model airplane plugs. It was fully functional. Bob Huxtable said it was a salesman sample. He had four or five of them, they were made in Lansing, Michigan. I’d like to hear from anyone who can help me get my engine working again.
Fred Gloor, (219) 393-5749

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