By Staff

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‘A salute to the Gas Engine Magazine!’

Is the way we all greet the New Year.

‘May it flourish and grow for evermore!’

And we know that all Gas Men say, ‘Here! Here!’

Each informative page is a joy and delight

To ‘gas hobbyists’ everywhere. There is much to be
learned from others,

There is plenty of ‘know-how’ to share.

The Show reports, articles and histories, Make reading an
interesting thing;

And the pictures add spice to each page in this book,

And cause memories in our minds to ring.

So, how’s this for a New Year Resolution?

Sit down with paper and pen, And write up some more good
articles, So we’ll all have good reading again.

Gas Engine Magazine
Gas Engine Magazine
Preserving the History of Internal Combustion Engines