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Barney Langner’s Novo won an unusual distinction-it was
shown on the 1980 Fall Gas-Up button of Branch 3, E.D.G.E.T. &
A., Santa Cruz, California.

Barney is a director of Branch 3. He and his wife, Virginia,
live in Haward, where he is purchasing manager for Hunt-Wesson
Foods. He has 30 years with the firm.

Here’s more, from the Branch 3 NEWS:

‘He has many years association with his church, being
especially active in the Men’s Club and related youth
activities. He is a life member of the California Parents and
Teachers Association, spent 6 years with the U.S. Navy and is a
member of the Pearl Harbor Survivors Association.

‘The Langners have 5 children and 7 grandchildren, and
between home and garden projects find a few moments to enjoy

‘As for his Novo engine, a friend told him of one in the
Livermore hills and the owner said he could have it. With a truck
they rescued it from under a big oak tree and hauled it home.
Several years later, he talked with Cliff Hardy, who told him of
Dick Hamp, and soon Dick and ‘Jorgie’ Jorgensen arrived and
got it running!

‘He joined Branches 6 and 13 and became a Director of Branch
3 at our first meeting. He has ten engines at present and expressed
his thanks to all who have helped in restoring them.’

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