My Water-Cooled Inverted Sideshaft Engine

By Staff
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3012 S. Catherine, Lansing, Michigan 48911

I bought the Sears water pump at a swap meet with the thought
that I could make an engine. I decided to open up the crank end and
I made a new crankshaft with a three inch stroke. I used one inch
roller bearings for the mains.

The bore in the pump was 2 inches and it was not too good. I
made a 2 inch cast iron sleeve and pressed it in. I used a 2 inch
iron piston from an old air compressor and a connecting rod from a

I made the cart from scrap steel and a brass water tank and gas
tank. The 14 inch flywheel weighs 20 pounds and came off an old
post drill. The head I made from aluminum and is water-cooled. The
intake and exhaust valves and spark plug are on a brass manifold on
the side. The muffler is from a candle holder and the carb is from
a brass gas cock. The aluminum flat pulley I got from an old air
compressor. The governor I made from scrap brass and steel.

It starts easy and runs as slow as 160 rpm. I hope to take it to
a few shows in 1995.

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