My Upside Down Water Cooled Sideshaft Engine.

By Staff
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I have always wanted an upside down engine, so when I saw an upside down air compressor for sale, I bought it.
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3012 S. Catherine St. Lansing, Michigan 48911

The compressor had a 2? inch bore and a 2? inch stroke and was
headless. I made the base first from scrap steel.

I sawed the end off of the cylinder, then I used a cylinder from
a Stewart tire pump and cut it down to fit inside. I made a collar
for the top and bottom, and welded them in. That gave me a
5/16 inch space for a water jacket. I used
the piston, rod and crankshaft from the tire pump as it had a
17/16 inch bore and a 2? inch stroke. I made
new main bearings, rod bearing and wrist pin. The piston and rings
were worn out, so I welded the piston and made new rings from a hub
from a cast iron wheel. The gears are from a lawn mower. The gas
and water tank I made from brass pipe. The 10 inch flywheel was
made from an old cast iron wheel. It was over 10 inches, and would
not fit in my lathe, so I cut it on my mill. I made a homemade
rotary table from scrap that enables me to cut up to 14 inches. I
used the head from the tire pump and made my own valves. The
governor is made from scrap brass and steel. The pulley is made
from an old trolley wheel. The carburetor is an old brass petcock
with a needle valve from a lawn mower.

It runs very nice and I hope to have a lot of fun with it at the
1993 shows.

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