Liney Machine and Henry Ford Scale Engine Models

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A 3/4-scale replica of Henry Ford's first engine made from plans by Leon Ridenour.
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An RV-1 model from Liney Machine.

Here are some pictures of my two latest scale engine model projects:

The larger engine is a 3/4-scale model of Henry Ford’s first engine and was scaled down from plans by Leon Ridenour. I chose this size because I had a 1.000- inch piston on hand and also a piece of wood the proper length. The combustion chamber is a 3/4 National Pipe Thread (NPT) black pipe tee and the valves are brass 1/2 NPT. Timing gears are from a 3 HP Briggs & Stratton. Fire power is from a Model T coil with capacitor mounted externally. I am using a Viton O-ring as a piston ring. The engine starts easily and runs nicely.

The smaller scale engine model, which measures just 2.25 by 3.1 inches, was built from plans by Liney Machine and is their RV-1 model. The twin, single-acting pistons are 0.187 inches in diameter. The engine was upgraded by adding ball bearings for the crankshaft and bronze bushings on the connecting rod ends.

Both engines were built on an old 10-inch Atlas flatbed lathe equipped with a three jaw, four jaw and Jacobs headstock chuck as well as a milling vise mounted on the cross slide.

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