Kentucky Engine

By Staff
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6678 Clinton Street, Terre Haute, Indiana 47805

These photos are of my 10 HP, 1917, Fairbanks Morse engine. I
found it in Kentucky where it had been for many years in the oil

It was running and was painted when I picked it up. After
getting it home, I built the set of trucks and mounted it on them.
I formed the tapered stack from 14-gauge iron, and it really sounds
off. It also blows a beautiful smoke ring.

Note the front steering, it is a solid bar bent 90 degrees and
turns in bearings on each end of the bar. I have shown it several
times and really enjoyed it.

Ed. note: Thanks to James John Stearley of RR 15, Bo 351,
Brazil, IN 47834, for sending us Jim Shaw’s letter.

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