A Teen Engine Collector Seeks Help With Identifying a Gas Engine

By Staff
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This is a 2 H.P. Waterloo Boy made about 1910 by The Waterloo Gasoline Engine Company, Waterloo, Iowa. Photo courtesy of John Miller, LaPorte City, Iowa.

Clark W. Colby asks Gas Engine Magazine readers for help identifying a gas engine.

I have heard your request for more material so I will try to
help out. I will send articles in occasionally as I get time. This
time though, I have a question. Has anyone ever seen or heard of an
engine as I am about to describe? I bought it from a man named Zeb
who collects antiques and want help identifying a gas engine.

The engine was made by the Ottawa Manufacturing Company in
Ottawa, Kansas. The engine is rated at 7 hp @ 600 rpm. From
here it becomes unusual. It is a 2 cylinder engine, both cylinders
in-line. Both pistons are on the same crank-throw. Since it is a “four-cycle” engine, it fires once every revolution. It has
an open crankcase and pushrod operated intake and exhaust valves
which are in the head. It has one Wico magneto which trips every
revolution and has two high voltage outputs. It also has a
throttling governor and a reed instead of a choke. The valve seats
are square and water hopper is removable. I would appreciate any
information which any reader could supply.

I am 17 years old and have 30 gas engines and an I.H.C. regular
tractor. I would be happy to answer any questions on identification
or repair of any gas engines that any of you readers might have. I
don’t have one of everything, but don’t have too many
duplicates either, so I’ll help to the best of my ability.

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