I Even Bought A Mouse Nest With My Engine!

By Staff
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Box 52, Reading, Vermont 05062.

I thought you might like to see a picture of my 1905 upright
IHC, 4 HP.

Before the purists howl, I know the muffler is wrong, as is the
circulation pump and the ring around the head. However, it runs
just fine!

I had won an Associated Chore Boy in a raffle run by the Vermont
Gas and Steam Engine Association. A real nice engine, but all done
up and no work for me. So, I traded it plus $100 for the IHC in
basket condition. It even had a mouse nest on the piston when I
pulled the cracked head!

Early on I belted the thing to my tractor P.T.O. and it started
but there was almost zero compression. The rings were tissue thin
and the fuel pump needed rebuilding. With that done, I went after
piston rings and a 6′ x 8′ trailer for the shows.

With new rings-.001 oversize- she took off and ran well with a
crank start.

When I traded for this old bird, I had no idea what it was
except that it was an IHC. It did not fit any of engines discussed
in JHC Farm Engines. At last I found it in C.H. Wendel’s book
American Gasoline Engines Since 1872, on page 244-1 have no ID
plate but the crankcase access cover is dead flat and the 1905
patent date is cast in the water jacket.

I would really like to have literature, especially regarding
fuel management, among other things. I enjoy the engine and dislike
waiting for Spring to get to Rutland, Orange, Westminster and

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