I Also Married A Gas Engine!

By Staff
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Adjustments would include getting used to the smell of gasoline

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I knew that after marrying my husband there would be many
adjustments we would face as a couple. I did not think that those
adjustments would include getting used to the smell of gasoline,
the chig-a-chig-a-boom sounds coming out of the garage, driving
hundreds of miles to that one special show, or the loading and
unloading of toys weighing up to 700 pounds. Not only did I marry
my husband, but I also married the gas engine!

I have to say that the last three and a half years have been
somewhat of an experience. I didn’t even know what an engine
was or even what one looked like! Now I am quite used to the words
flywheels, magnetos, spark plugs, oilers and other parts that make
them run. I can honestly say that I will never have to worry about
my husband being unfaithful by bringing another woman into our
home. No, instead I have an engine in the house. It does, however,
add a nice touch to the decor of the room.

I never thought that I would be jealous of an engine, but at
times I am. After watching my husband spend endless hours restoring
a 2 HP International Famous, a 1? HP Associated, a 3 HP Simplicity,
a 5 HP Jaeger, a 1? HP Sandwich and many more, I can see why this
hobby means so much to him. He can take an old rusty looking piece
of junk and turn it into a beautiful, working piece of art. Never
has a wife been more proud of her husband than I am of mine. That
is why I am writing this. David does such a wonderful job restoring
engines, I felt it was time that I showed him how special I feel he

He takes the time to take an old broken down machine apart piece
by piece and fixes, paints, and puts it back together to make an
engine look 100%. I now understand why he spends hours loading the
trailer and driving all those miles to a show. The explanation is
quite clear when a stranger walks up with a puzzled look on his
face, and David stands up smiling, ready to explain in detail how
an engine works.

Yes, I still get a little jealous when David doesn’t notice
my new dress but can spot a flywheel sticking up out of the weeds
in a field while driving down the highway! But I am proud of him
and for all the work he does! And guess what? I even go to a show
once in awhile. And when somebody walks up to the 5 HP Jaeger I run
over with a smile and say, ‘That one is mine!’

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