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In the continuing story about fuel mixers used on Hercules built
engines, five gasoline only mixers are described here.

When the log saws made their debut in the late teens, a special
cast iron mixer was used on some of them in place of the more
traditional ‘J’ type mixer. These special fuel mixers had a
combination diaphragm-check valve built into the barrel shaped part
of the mixer body. This prevented fuel from running through the
mixer when the saw and engine were set on a steep angle. The
diaphragm lifted up during the intake stroke of the engine thus
allowing fuel to be drawn in. In figure 1 is the early version with
no choke plate. In figure 2 is the later version with the
traditional shaped choke plate.

The 1 HP Model N had a smaller version of the ‘J’ type
fuel mixer. Usually it had no choke plate. The mixer screwed into
the bottom of the head as shown in figure 3. The very early 1 HP
Model N had a similar appearing mixer cast as an integral part of
the head. This latter type is rare and no picture or diagram was

The Model XI engines built in 1928 and 1929 had a modified
‘J’ type mixer with no choke plate. It attached to the
bottom of the head by means of a flange and two bolts. It is shown
in figure 4.

The last gasoline mixer to be used on the Hercules built engines
was the JI model throttling governed engine built from 1930 to
1933. It had a spring loaded air damper on the intake similar to
that used on several other brands of throttling governed engines.
An example is shown in figure 5.

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