Gas Engine Magazine 2.0

By Staff

Lately, Gas Engine Magazine has been showing off its international appeal.

Last issue, we featured Curt Andree’s Danish-built 6 HP Uller engine, and this issue features a 1908 3 HP Olds 2AA that found its way to Chris Broers in Australia. Speaking of the Land Down Under, Australia is well-represented in this issue through Joe Maurer’s “Stover Stuff” and a short feature on a father-son project involving a Root & Vandervoort.

It’s issues like this one that remind me just how small the world is these days. Not only have American-built gas engines found their way to every corner of the globe, but we also have communication capabilities that allow like-minded folks to connect with one other effortlessly. For as frustrating as computers and the Internet can be sometimes, there’s no question that both have made a positive impact on the gas engine hobby.

At Gas Engine Magazine, we’ve been keeping a close eye on the expansion of the Internet, and the new opportunities it offers in connecting with our readers. With that in mind, I’m excited to announce that starting in mid-August, we’ll begin offering additional content in the form of a “digital supplement” that can be downloaded for free from our website at

Utilizing PDF files, which are universally accessible and easy to download, each digital supplement will look just like a print issue of GEM complete with a cover image, reader-submitted feature articles and departments. You can choose to read the pages on your computer or you can print the pages and read them like the print magazine. Best of all, each digital supplement will be offered in the months between the print issues, which means you’ll be receiving new GEM content on a monthly basis.

As for the size of each digital supplement, they will be as large as you want them to be. The more reader-submitted articles and photos we receive, the more pages we’ll be able to include in each one. Unlike the physical magazine, we don’t have to worry about paper costs with the Internet!

To receive the digital supplement, you’ll need to be signed up for our free weekly newsletter.  This will allow us to send you e-mail notification of the latest supplement when it’s ready for download. If you’re not receiving the weekly newsletter, simply send your name and e-mail address to me at

We expect the first digital supplement to be available for download around August 15, so keep an eye on your inbox!

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