Galloway Replaced Six-Team Horsepower

By Staff
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Merlin Darling
The 1911 15 HP Galloway, owned by Merlin Darling of Worthington, Minnesota.

Rt 1 Box 170 A, Worthington, Minnesota, 56187

This month’s cover photograph is of a 1911 15 HP Galloway
gasoline engine. It is owned by Merlin Darling of Worthington,
Minnesota, and was restored by Dale Teerink, also of

The Galloway was bought new by Merlin’s grandfather and
replaced a 6-team horsepower for running a hand feed threshing
machine among other things. Merlin still owns the thresher.

The thresher stood in a hog-yard for 50 or more years and the
pigs used it for a back scratcher! When they rubbed on the
flywheels, the movement kept the piston from sticking!

The restoration was fairly simple. The worn rings and wristpin
were replaced with new ones and the valves and seats were so good
that they only had to be lapped in. The pully bearing was worn out
so a group of friends helped me pour a new one. The connecting rod
and valve rod were sent to Sioux City to be chromed. A new gas tank
and seat were made, along with a new tongue. I painted it with a
Centari enamel which really seems to work out well on these
restoration projects. 1, of Worthington applied the pinstriping
which sets it off nicely.

The engine runs well and we have used it on a stationary baler,
small sawmill, and a small hand feed thresh machine.

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