3/4-scale replica of 1867 1/2 HP Otto-Langen engine

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Wayne Grenning's 3/4-scale replica of the 1867 1/2 HP Otto-Langen engine.
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This is a 3/4-scale replica of the 1867 1/2 HP Otto-Langen engine, and is modeled after Nicolaus Otto & Eugene Langen’s exhibit at the 1867 Universal Exposition in Paris.

This engine design represents the first truly successful internal combustion engine that was produced in any significant number. Its unique characteristics include:  free piston (the main shaft is engaged to the piston by means of a rack and pinion arrangement), sprag clutch, flame ignition, atmospheric power stroke, dual slide valves and inverted configuration. It has a 4-inch bore and 27-inch stroke. The ionic column design depicted here was the initial engine appearance offered by the company. This design was used for a very short time and was later replaced by a less costly smooth-sided column.

Although more obscure than Otto’s famous 4-cycle engine design of 1876, this accomplishment marked a true turning point in the success of internal combustion engine design.

Wayne Grenning, Lockport, N.Y., built and owns this scale reproduction, which was finished in 2000. Over a decade of research and development went into its design and construction.  It has been on display at the Coolspring Power Museum since 2008.

Contact the Coolspring Power Museum at P.O. Box 19, Coolspring, PA 15730 • (814) 849-6883 • coolspring@penn.comwww.coolspringpowermuseum.org

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