Kenny and Wendy Wolf Collection, 2nd installment results

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By Gas Engine Magazine Staff | Nov 23, 2020

Check out these auction results from the Kenny and Wendy Wolf collection, including the winning bids on these fascinating machines.

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August 11 – 13, 2020, in Peru, Indiana

Gemmer Horizontal

Winning bid: $79,800 – 47 bids

black gas engine black engine black engine

The original Gemmer engine is unstamped but estimated to be 4hp. It has a copper water tank and unique brass fuel tank with level indicator. This engine was originally found on a Victor tractor chassis flat-belt pulley. It features a Wizard friction-drive-generator that works, 16-inch flat-belt pulley, and flywheels that measure 30 inches in diameter. It was manufactured in Marion, Indiana.

Brown and Cochran 6hp

Winning bid: $32, 550 – 36 bids

red gas engine

This Brown and Cochran is repainted with brass piping. It features a riveted cooling tank, flat-belt pulley and brightwork, and is mounted on a steel frame. The engine is manufactured in Lorain, Ohio.

Lambert Gas Engine

Winning bid: $44,100 – 34 bids

bronze and black gas engine

The Lambert is tank-cooled and restored with brightwork and brass piping. It runs nicely and features a copper cooling tank. It’s mounted on a wooden base with 34-inch flywheels.

Hornsby Akroyd 5bhp Engine

Winning bid: $23,625 – 55 bids

grey gas engine

This “14-gallon” engine features a single flywheel, nice original paint, a pot muffler and hot bulb. It’s mounted on a wooden platform.

Crossley Bros. Model K

Winning bid: $31,500 – 59 bids

gas engine

This Model K features a single flywheel and older repaint. Its 4½-inch bore, and a 10-inch stroke with flywheels that measure 35-inches in diameter.

Otto 5hp

Winning bid: $24,675 – 51 bids

red gas engine

This repainted Otto is mounted on a cart and features Lonergan oilers, a correct rod wipe oiler, and a shop built water pump. It was restored in 2000 and has a gear-drive magneto.

Crossley Bros. Model N Engine

Winning bid: $16,800 – 45 bids

grey gas engine

Still with original paint, the single flywheel engine is mounted on a wooden platform. It also has a pot muffler and hot tube.

Buckeye Gas Engine Co.

Winning bid: $20,475 – 34 bids

green gas engine

This repainted engine has had some brightwork done and is mounted on a wooden skid. Its features include a galvanized cooling-tank, an igniter trip that has been brazed, and a flat-belt pulley.

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