1908 15 HP Otto

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This 1908 15 HP Otto was used by the Roebling family - builders of the Brooklyn Bridge.
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1908 15 HP Otto
Made by:
 Otto Engine Works, Philadelphia, PA
Model: “Columbia Model” Electric Lighting
Serial no.: 11658
Horsepower: 15

This 1908 15 HP Otto was built by the Otto Engine Works of Philadelphia, Pa., named for Nikolaus A. Otto, the German inventor of the 4-stroke cycle.

This style of engine is known as the “Columbian Model” as it was introduced at the World’s Columbian Exposition in Chicago in 1893.

This specific engine was ordered by the Roebling family – wire rope manufacturers and builders of the Brooklyn Bridge – for use on their mountain-top estate near Gladstone, N.J. It was used for water pumping service.

In 1970, the engine was removed from the Roebling pump house and is now displayed at the Coolspring Power Museum on loan from the collection of John Wilcox.

Contact the Coolspring Power Museum at P.O. Box 19, Coolspring, PA 15730 • (814) 849-6883 •coolspring@penn.comwww.coolspringpowermuseum.org

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