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A while ago I decided to compile a list of engine manufacturers
and the trade names they were sold under. I soon found this to be a
very difficult task indeed. Many of the trade name companies bought
their engines from a number of different manufacturers such as
Economy engines that were built by Sparta, Hercules or Stover.
There were many companies in different parts of the country that
were building or selling engines under that same name that were not
related. Some companies would try to copy a popular name by
slightly changing the spelling-like Andersen and Anderson.

I have included a list of some of the more common engines and I
hope to expand this as time permits. If anyone has any additions or
corrections to this list, please send it so that everyone may
benefit. I have prepared the list as accurately as possible, but I
can make mistakes so if anyone detects a discrepancy, feel free to
make corrections.

A trade name may be listed under more than one manufacturer
because the trade name company may have bought engines from more
than one manufacturer. Also, it may be two or more unrelated trade
name companies using the same name. Some of the trade name
companies changed the engines slightly by using different ignition
systems, mixers, fuel tank location, etc. Some even specified some
casting changes while others were identical except for paint.



Alamo Engine Company Hillsdale, Michigan

Empire – Flying Dutchman – Rock Island – Alamo – McVicker –
Standard. Also supplied parts and castings for Taylor Vacuum.

Associated Mfg. Company Waterloo, Iowa

Associated – Banner – Milwaukee United – Iowa.

Cushman Motor Works Lincoln, Nebraska

Cushman – Cushman Cub – Farm Master – late Massey Harris.

Field Brundage Engine Works Jackson, Michigan

Atlanta – Champion – Downes Special – Hummer – Hisco – Sattley –
Wolverine – Macleod.

Hercules Corporation Evansville, Indiana

Hercules – Ajax – Atlas – Champion – Economy – Enen – Keystone –
Reeco – Rohaco – Williams – Thermoil – Jaeger – Arco.

Nelson Brothers Co. Saginaw, Michigan

Bohan Dixie King – Detroit – Dunn’s – Efficiency – El Bro –
Essex – EverReady – Franklin – Gray – Hush – Little Jumbo – Jumbo –
Little Trojan – Lyons – Drew – Mandt – Minnekota – Monarch –
Maynard – Ontario – P & O – Samsco – Sandow – Sheldon –
Sunpower – John M – Smyth 1? HP – Sun – Trojan – Unito.

Waterloo Gas Engine Company Waterloo, Iowa

Big Chief – Faultless – Hustler – Sandow – Unito – Waterloo Boy
– Wonder.

Warner Manufacturing Co. Ottawa, Kansas

Warner – Ottawa – Giant

Witte Engine Works Kansas City, Missouri

Witte – Mecco – Trojan – H & P

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