Krueger’s Engine Questions

By Staff
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Is this an Aultman-Taylor tractor as Bill Fogwell identified it, or is it a Huber Super 4 as T.H. Krueger suspects?

The January/February 1968 Gas Engine Magazine, as the earlier issues, is full of very
interesting stories and pictures. I am just writing my engine questions and comments in regard to
several mentioned in this particular issue.

For instance, Leonard Beal Jr. sent a picture of a big
Fairbanks-Morse oil engine and wrote a description. It appears, Leonard, that you have this rig sort of set up for
running on the trailer, transporting it to shows, etc. Have you
ever belted the engine to a load such as a Baker fan? I presume
that the outfit is yours. Also, is the saw rig with 5 hp
Field-Brundage engine (type W ?) yours too? The type W engines were sold by Montgomery-Ward, around 1915-16,
as their Sattley engines. Congratulations on your nice equipment!
If you have any additional facts on your equipment, would you
kindly send that in to Gas Engine Magazine for the readers benefit?

By the way, to keep
the record straight; the engine that is belted to the air
compressor is a Hercules-built engine, with Webster make and break
ignition. The 75 hp FOM engine is the fore-runner of the F-M 2
cycle Diesel engines; it is not a Diesel. It is a semi-Diesel, with
compression so low (say 250 lbs.) that a small special steel stud,
protruding into the combustion chamber, has to be heated by the
kerosene torch to gel the engine to start. Then, by the heal of
compression the engine continues to run on Diesel fuel. Your engine
is a type Y oil engine and many an engine of that type were sold.
That’s as I see it, so let’s hear from you through GEM.

Could A. L. Rennewanz send in a picture of the cylinder-head end
of his engine; also, a picture again of the
crankshaft end of same engine, with the sunlight shining on the
crankshaft, so we could see better?

Another observation of mine: I am not very well versed in Aultman-Taylor tractors, but a picture sent courtesy of Bill Fogwell states it is an Aultman-Taylor. I suspect it isn’t. The picture is not
clear enough, but I’m inclined to suggest it is a
cross-motor Huber super 4. Please understand I’m not a chronic
fault finder as some may see it. I just have an open mind and
stand to be corrected on my assertions and ready to be informed and

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