Report on the Annual Engine Club Meeting

By Staff
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The Pioneer Gas Engine Association engine club is dedicated to the restoration of gasoline engines.

The 1965 Annual Meeting of our engine club, the Pioneer Gas Engine Association, was held Nov. 7, 1965 at The Mendon Pioneer Museum, Honeoye
Falls, N.Y. The meeting was well attended. The following officers
were voted on and re-elected to office: President–Donald A. Luteyn,
Palmyra; Vice President–Harry Schoff, Honeoye Falls;
Secretary–Dorothy Smith, Ontario; Treasurer–Martha Abbert,
Rochester. Directors elected for a three year term are Clarence
Stilson, Rochester; Arthur Norton, Syracuse; and Milton Skinner,

The dates of July 29, 30, and 31 were set for the 1966 Reunion.
It takes much work and planning ahead to get ready for the

There will be a Christmas party at the Dec. 5th meeting. There
will be Western music for dancing. The members are asked to bring a
toy which will be donated to a children’s hospital. We will
also have organ music and Christmas Carols.

There will be no meeting in January. The February meeting will
be on the 6th. Movies, slides, and pictures will be shown.

The 1966 membership dues are now due ($2.00). Anyone interested
in the restoration and preservation of gas engines, tractors, and
allied equipment is invited to join. Our meetings are the first
Sunday of the month, except Jan. You will also receive the PIONEER
ENGINE BUGLE, a bi-monthly newsletter about the members and their

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