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By Staff

Vice President RR #2, Box 143 Leavenworth, Kansas 66048

Hello, Folks!

Back again from some shows. Some I missed because of sickness
and family dates. Our Branch #19 home base is Platte City,
Missouri. Our members work most in that show and the Platte County
Fair. They also work hard on the Lathrop, Missouri Show and the
Turnbull Show, the two that I missed. So many things came together
on the same dates. We made the Ag Hall Show, and the Two Cylinder
Club put on a tractor pull. We thrashed with Don Kabry’s L Case
and an Avery separator. We were going to use the Case 45 Special
but I had it in the shop and they didn’t get it done in time. I
was running the tractor on the thrashing and I noticed we were all
Branch #19 members doing the thrashing.

After we thrashed, the Knuteson baling team came in and baled
the straw. Wheat was not too good. It was planted a little late;
we’ll get it in a bit earlier this fall. Had a big crowd
Saturday and a nice crowd Sunday. The weather was perfect. I think
it was 81 degrees Saturday and 82 degrees Sunday. I noticed, in the
tractor pull, the mayor of Kansas City, Kansas, pulling a 38 G John
Deere, but a soft spot got him.

I took my LA Case down and let the folks look it over, and I
wanted to warm it up a good bit. It hadn’t been run for a long
time. It was run about 2? years ago just to warm it up. It sat
seven years in a shed, previous to that warm up. The one thing I
like about it is the starter. Those old, big engines are getting a
bit tough for this old boy to turn over.

For you track fellows, I picked up a TD 40 with a cable dozer on
it, and my 22 GMC 2? ton truck went to Cullom, Illinois, to Franz

Oh yes, I almost forgot, as we finished thrashing at the Ag
Hall, they surprised Don Kabry with a card and a balloon. It was
his birthday, July 14,1991.

Well in closing, hope you all had a real good and safe summer.
There should be a few shows left yet to go to. Good luck to

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